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Creativity important

Creativity and the 21st century workplace

According to the 2016 World Economic Forum, by 2020 creativity will be one of the top three skills workers will need along with complex problem solving and critical thinking skills. Creativity is a part of everyday problem-solving in all our jobs, from the shop floor worker to leaders and managers. Increasing evidence in many studies and reports state that the jobs of today will be irrelevant in the future. The jobs our children will apply for haven't even been thought of today.

Boston Consulting Group's annual strategy survey consistently states that creativity and innovation are the top ranked strategic priorities. Similarly, academic researchers are discovering that organisational profitability rests on individual creativity.

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Full and Half Day Creativity Workshops

Creative Camps

Team Training Day coming up? TIred of the same-old, same-old Myers-Briggs personality indicator test or De Bono's hats? Try one of our half-day or full-day Creativity Camps. Every job requires some modicum of creativity and choice. Using proven techniques, let us show your colleagues how they can turn down their dominant left brain and tap into their creative right brain. Learn how to quickly access this little used part of our brain to creatively solve problems or spark innovative ideas. 

Here's what others have said about our right-brain creative workshops:

"Wow! Learning how to switch from my left brain into my right brain was a major break-through for me. This workshop taught me how to access my creativity and apply those creative thinking skills to solving real world office problems. And it was so much fun!"

Kathleen McDermid,
Independent Management Consultant


Contact us now for more information.


Creative Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking

We've all heard the expression "think outside the box" to brainstorm new ideas. But what if 'the box' is stuck in a series of patterns or ways of thinking based on repetitive activities and common knowledge with which we surround ourself?

Through our tailored Creative Thinking workshop, we'll lead your team through the creative process artists and designers have been using for years. Contact us now for more information.

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