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School Holiday Programs

Our program is held at artKids Studio, Basement, North Canberra Baptist Hall, 17 Condamine Street, Turner.

The current programs are:



Our School Holiday programs are aimed at 5 - 14 year olds, however, we have come across some amazingly focused 4 year old children. If you have a 4 year old who is keen and able to focus, we will accept enrolment on the understanding that if we find they are not coping, you are able to collect them.



The days are split into half days or full day sessions.

Please note, due to rising materials and associated running costs, we have reluctantly had to increase our session fees. Each 3-hour session costs $72, which includes morning/afternoon tea, all materials used in the class and GST. 

  • Morning (9.00 am -12.00 pm)  session - $72

  • Afternoon (12.30-3.30 pm) session - $72

  • Full day (9.00 am - 3.30 pm - no charge for lunchtime supervision - $144

  • Sibling discounts available - 10% off second and subsequent children.

Drop off is from 8.45 am. If you require a late pick-up, please contact us BEFORE the day to see if supervision is available. This will be at an additional cost to parents.

Children staying for the full day should bring their own lunch and will be supervised for the lunch half hour at no extra cost. For more information, please read our School Holiday Terms & Conditions

Covid-Safe Plan and Policy:

We adhere to the ACT Government Health Directives. Full details can be found in our Terms & Conditions of enrolment. Please do not send sick children - they will be sent home. By ‘sick’ we mean: high temp/fever; runny nose - clear, yellow or green; or coughing. If symptoms relate to a chronic condidtion, like allergies, this must be advised in the Medical/Safety part of the Enrolmy booking form.


Our policy is to credit fees if your child is sick, however, if you send them to us sick, and we need to call you to collect them, no credit will be offered for the day’s booking.

Book your sessions via Enrolmy
Please note, if you are having trouble viewing Enrolmy, please change to Chrome web browser.

  • Parents need to create a login and add parent and then child details.

  • You can book single or multiple sessions online.

  • If you are booking for multiple children in the SAME session, you can book them via the one booking.

  • If you are booking for multiple childen into DIFFERENT sessions, you will need to book each child separately.

  • The sibling discount will calculate at the end of your booking an apply to second (or more) child invoice.

Full payment is required to confirm your booking.

  • Payments can be made by direct debit or credit card.

  • To pay by credit card you need to contact to arrange invoice link. Please note credit card transaction fees apply.

  • Should the class not go ahead due to Covid lock-down, all fees will be credited or refunded.

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