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End of term and the kids are restless? Class reports need to get done but you have to be 'on class'?  We can bring our tailored art and drawing workshops to your school. Duration of the workshops vary depending on age group and to suit your class needs. All sessions start with warm up exercises and games, and move into the session’s project focus. Some sample incursion workshops are listed below.

Cost: $13 per student, includes GST and all materials used in the workshop.

Creating Visual Storys Part 1 and 2

In Part 1, children learn the 'Artabet' - six universal lines for drawing - and create their own cartoon-style character using step-by-step drawing to gain confidence. Drawing cartoons using comic-strip layout takes away the desire to get something to look ‘right’ and encourages confidence in both drawing and story telling.


In Part 2, we look at what makes up a landscape, using well-known paintings as examples. We break the picture plane into 'here, near and far' and children gain an understanding of how a setting helps tell a story. We introduce a second or third character to develop their story. (See our Gallery.)

Read a Painting

Learning how to ‘read’ a painting and find meaning it. We looking at how the artist tells a story using visual cues such as line, colour and composition. With a focus on either an artist or an art movement, we tie-in the exploration of a specific medium. For example, use oil pastels to create Modigliani-style portraits or investigate Picasso artworks and create a Picasso portrait of animal of your own. (See our Gallery.)

Creative Thinking Skills

Guiding children outside their comfort zones to jump into their right, creative brains. We use fun, quirky creative drawing games to get children to look at the world differently and tap into their creative right brains, turning down the mostly dominant left brain. 

Drawing Skills

In this module, children learn to look with their 'Artist's Eyes' and really see what is in front of them, not what they think it looks like. Using line to create shapes, and shading techniques to create contrast and form, the children are exposed to a range of  materials - graphite pencil, charcoal, colour pencils, oil and chalk pastels.

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Teacher Professional Development

Do you lack the confidence to teach drawing and art skills? Let us help! Modules tailored to suit all skill levels and to building confidence in a fun, supportive environment. Contact us now.


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