Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


Session times and costs

  • Our after-school workshops run for two hours, 3 - 5 pm at most schools. Where schools have a slightly different start time, we adjust our finish time accordingly.

  • On-site classes cost $35/session including GST and afternoon tea: Our artKids teachers meet the children on site, provide afternoon tea and supervision before taking them into the classroom.

  • Dropping off from a different school $32/session including GST but NO afternoon tea: Children attending from another school should be at the designated school by 3.25 pm at the latest. Please make sure your child has had some food to eat before the class. Children who are hungry don’t make for great artists, despite the common theme of ‘starving artists’ in art history!

  • Unfortunately, there are no sibling discounts - we aim to keep our prices as affordable as possible.

  • All materials used in our class projects are provided by us - there is no need for parents to remember to pack anything for their child or purchase additional materials unless they choose to do so.

Collecting children after class

Parents collect their children at the designated finish time of 5 pm (or equivalent). Our teachers have their own families, evening studies and life commitments. We ask that you respect them and are on time to collect your child. In some instances, there are unavoidable delays such as traffic. Please text or call your class teacher and let them know you are on your way.


Enrolment confirmation and payment

Enrolment is confirmed by payment of the term fees one week prior to classes commencing. If you prefer to pay in fortnightly instalments, please let us know. Payment is by direct debit or cash only.


Term times

Classes run according to school term times with two exceptions: Term 1 starts in Week 2 - that is, it is a 9 week term; andthere are no classes in the last week of Term 4 , that is, 9 week term. The remaining two terms, Term 2 and 3, run the full 10 weeks.

Trial classes

If you are unsure whether your child will like the class or not, you can ask for a trial class. If your child does not like the class, there is no charge for this trial class. If your child likes the class and you choose to book the term, the full term fee is charged.


Kindergarten Trials: As there is such a wide range of skills and focus ability of children at this age, we prefer to see how the child copes with a class situation before agreeing to enrol the child. We do not expect them to be drawing/painting for the whole session, but we do expect they can focus on art-related activities for the time. Please note we are an art class - not a child-minding service.


Children with learning needs policy

We aim to be inclusive and find that art is a great way for children with learning needs or from different countries to express themselves. However, we are passionate artists firsts, educators second and not special needs educators. We are more than happy for parents, carers or support workers to attend our classes with a child. We will work with parents and children to aim for an enjoyable art experience for all students in our class, however, should your child’s learning needs and behaviour take our teachers away from the bulk of the class, we will suggest small group or one-on-one tutoring as an alternative.

Three-week behaviour improvement policy: In the first week, we observe and then discuss with parents the child’s needs within the art class setting. Then, working with you and your child, we will aim to see an improvement in the second week. If not, we will try one more session before we suggest private or semi-private tutoring alternatives. 


Ill children or extended holidays

In the event your child is ill on the day of their art class, please text or call the mobile of the designated teacher. We ensure your children are safe and it is frustrating to waste art time following up on the whereabouts of children.


If you know ahead of time that you will be away, for example, an extended overseas trip, please let us know and we can make suitable arrangements.


Make-up classes

Where multiple classes are offered at the same school, your child can attend a make-up class on another day after advising the art teacher.


If there is only one class at your school, you can attend a session at another school by advising Robyn Thurecht at admin@artkidscanberra.com to make the arrangements.


In special circumstances of prolonged illnesses or with a doctor’s certificate, we can provide credit for missed classes for the following term.

Cancellation of enrolment

We want your child to have an enjoyable art experience. If your child is unhappy for any reason, please let us know immediately so we can work with your child - no matter how small the incident may seem. Sometimes friends fall out of favour with each other, sometimes a child may make a hurtful or unwitting comment that will upset your child. This type of behaviour is not part of our artKids art agreement with the children and we want to know about it. 

If you do choose to cancel your child’s enrolment within the seven days before its commencement or during the term, you will be charged a $55 administration fee. We will refund the remainder of the term fee - we prefer happy students and happy parents.


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