What is artKids?

Lauren, aged 10

artKids after-school art and drawing workshops focus on building children's drawing and observational skills - the fundamentals of all art-making - in a fun, supportive, confidence-building environment. Using the elements of art and principles of design, children are taken on a journey of art-making, exploring different mediums through the lives and works of famous and contemporary artists, while encouraging individual artistic choices. artKids teaches children there are no mistakes or flops in art, only 'flopportunities'! By adding, deleting or re-imagining their art, children learn how to solve problems using creative-thinking skills, much sought-after in today's workplace.

Each class begins with a drawing warm up activity as drawing skills are the foundation of all art. We cover a wide range of mediums - pencil, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels, watercolour and acrylic paints, clay, sculptures, collage, etc - over the course of a term, giving kids the opportunity to explore and experiment. Each fortnight we focus on a particular skill, technique or artist movement/artist and our project choices derive from that. There is scope within the projects for children to follow their interests. For example, for our cartoon drawing enthusiastics, they are challenged to bring their cartoon style into the project medium or art movement. We often find what kids like to do by them telling us what they do NOT want to do!


After-school classes are usually 3 - 5 pm in line with school finishing times. The cost is $35 per workshop, payable on a term basis. The cost includes all materials used in the class, afternoon tea and GST. If you are dropping your child at a class not run from your school, the fees are $32 per workshop as no afternoon tea is provided. Please make sure your child eats before class because, contrary to popular art history, starving children do not make great artists! For class locations, see below.


Saturday morning classes are held at North Canberra Baptist Hall, 17 Condamine Street, Turner. These classes are split into age groups and there is also a Realistic Drawing 10 yrs+ class.

Saturday Juniors (5*-7 yrs) cost is $25 per 1 hr workshop, payable on a term basis.

Saturday Seniors (8-12 yrs) const is $35 per 1.5 hr workshop, payable on a term basis.

* We will consider 4 year olds if they are able to focus.

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If you'd like to see an artKids program running out of your school, please contact us now.

Owen, aged 10


Class Times

Marlow, aged 8

How do the workshops run?

Children are collected from their school at 3.00 pm and walked to the nearby venue or on-site room for afternoon tea.  If the child is attending from another school, they can be dropped by 3.25 pm - please ensure they have eaten as starving artists are not fun to be around - just look at art history!


Our workshop starts with a fun drawing warm-up game to strengthen fingers, hand, wrist and shoulder muscles as well as improving their 'Artist's Eye' observational skills.


Each week, children will learn or improve on a technique in either drawing, painting or sculpting, with a project-based focus. Mediums used include: 

  • graphite

  • charcoal

  • oil and chalk pastels

  • watercolour paints

  • acrylic paints

  • mixed media (collage, found objects, etc)

  • plasticine, clay and other sculptural materials.

There is choice within each project for the children to follow their own passions, for example, if the project includes an animal, they may choose which animal to draw or paint. Children are, however, encouraged to broaden their skills once they are confident in their choice of subject material.

Do I have to provide art materials for my child?

No, you do not need to provide any materials for your child. The workshop fees include both afternoon tea and all materials used in class.

What does it cost?

Workshops run from 3.00 to 5.00 pm and cost $35 per session, payable by school term. This fee includes afternoon tea, all materials used in class and GST. artKids teachers collect the children from school at 3.00 pm and parents/carers pick them up by 5.00 pm sharp. Workshops commence the first week of each term (except Term 1) and run through to the end of the school term. If places are available, children may join mid term and pay only for the remainder of the term.

Make up lesson

If your child is ill and cannot make their class, they can make up the missed class by attending another class at another venue. Parents or carers will need to let us know which class your child will be attending for the make-up class to ensure space is available and will need to transport the child to the other class venue by 3.30 pm (if there is not a second class available at your school).


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