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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

artKids is an after-school art and drawing program that focuses on building children's drawing and observational skills - the fundamentals of all art-making - in a fun, supportive, confidence-building environment. Using the elements of art and principles of design, children are taken on an art-making journey, exploring different mediums through the lives and works of famous and contemporary artists, while encouraging individual artistic choices. artKids teaches children there are no mistakes or flops in art, only 'flopportunities'! By adding, deleting or re-imagining their art, children learn how to solve problems using creative-thinking skills, much sought-after in today's workplace. 

Do you collect my child?

Children meet us at the designated meeting spot except for Kindergarten children. You need to provide your Kindy kid's class details in Enrolmy when enrolling. If you'd like your Yr 1 child collected for the first few weeks until they are comfortable with the meeting place, just let us know.

What about if I attend another school - can my child still come?

Yes, you will need to drop your child at the venue by 3.25 pm. 

What type of art is covered?

We focus on developing drawing skills and, through our projects, teach line, shape, form, colour, etc. We use pencils, textas, waterolour and acrylic paints, chalk and oil pastels, charcoal, collage, clay and other sculpture materials. We aim to offer a variety so children can explore various mediums.

What does it cost? Do I have to buy art materials?

Fees are $38 per session, payable by term, and includes all materials used in the class and GST. As we operate onsite at schools or in nearby Scout and Baptist Church halls, parents don't need to leave work to transport children anywhere! There is no need to bring anything except your enthusiasm and love of art. Sibling discounts are available.

How old are the children?

We teach from Kindy through to Year 6, however, we do trial the Kindy kids to ensure they can cope with the class. We offer a structured art and drawing program - we are not an after-school child-minding service. We offer Extension Activities on the project for the Yr 3 and above and encourage the children to work on subject matter that interests them.

Do you have Trial Classes?

Yes, you can book up to two paid trial classes by contacting us at 

If you choose to continue, the term fee is invoiced pro rata.

My child is quite anxious and particular about what they do. Will they be OK?

We see many anxious children come into our classes and leave with smiles on their faces. We teach in a low-pressure learning environment and encourage the children to explore the art mediums and their interests. It is always much more engaging to draw or create what your child is interested in and all our projects are considered to be a starting point for the children - often they don't know what they want to draw until they have something to say "I don't like that!"  They are encouraged to come up with their own subject choices.

Which suburbs do you operate in?

We currently operate classes in Canberra's north, and in Hughes, Charles Weston and Chapman in the south. We are hoping to offer more classes in South Canberra suburbs in 2022. Please contact us if you'd like to see a class in your child's school.

Do you run Saturday classes?

Yes we do. Our Saturday classes run out of North Canberra Baptist Hall in Turner. We have a Junior class (4 - 7 yrs), a Senior class (8 to 14 yrs) and a Cartooning/Anime Club (9 yrs+). We also offer a regular Realistic Drawing Introduction classes and a pre-requisite to our ongoing continuing Realsitic Drawing class for 10 yrs + age group. 

Do you run School Holiday programs?

Yes, we do. Please visit our School Holiday page. 

What happens if my child is sick and misses a class? What about Covid lockdowns?

We offer a make up class where children are ill and cannot attend. They can attend another session at their school, or if that isn't possible, they can attend the Saturday classes at our studio space in Turner. In the event we are forced to close due to a Government-mandated lockdown or quarantine, all unused fees are credited and can be used for future term or school holiday bookings. No one misses out!

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