Introduction to Realistic Drawing - Foundation and Continuing Classes

Around 10 years old, children start to doubt their drawing skills. They compare their finished drawings to other kids' work and feel their work isn't 'as good as theirs'. Peer recognition and acceptance becomes increasingly important at this age and if they feel they don't measure up, they can give up drawing and art altogether. (Read: screwed up drawings thrown across the room!) What they don't see is that they are simply lacking the skills to move to the next level, from cartoon-style drawing to realistic drawing.

Our artKids Introduction to Realistic Drawing 10yrs+ covers the foundation drawing skills required for children (and adults!) to progress further with their drawing. We do insist they are a minimum 10 years old as we've found any younger and they don't have the focus or aptitute quite yet.

Our program covers:

  • Mark making - pressure, direction, speed, angle

  • Continuous line drawings

  • Sketching - seeing simple shapes within objects

  • Still life drawing

  • Understanding tone

  • Understanding perspective

  • Simple compositions - line, shape and tone

  • Creating textures

This is a Beginner's class and, as we explain to the kids, this is

their weekly 'training' session, just like they attend training sessions

for soccer, netball, dance, etc. This class is where they learn,

practice and do ‘drills’ so they can go home and enjoy drawing.

The focus is on the drawing practice rather than the final outcome.

Over the term the children will work on a still-life project bringing together all their newly-learned skills.

Times: Classes run on Saturday at North Canberra Baptist Hall, 17 Condamine Street, Turner

Realistic Drawing - Introduction 10+ yrs runs 9.30 - 11.00 am

Realistic Drawing - Continuing - Portraits 11.00 - 12.30 pm

Cost: $38 per session, payable by 10-week term. There will be no late admission to classes as it is a set term program that builds each week on the previous week's learning. The cost includes materials, a light snack and GST.

If you're an Adult Beginner, we are starting our adult drawing classes in 2021.

artAdult - Connect & Create - 3.30 - 5.30 pm ($38) - email us to register your interest.


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